Programs & Consultation

  • Supporting people to manage diabetes.
  • An extensive network of Diabetes Experts
  • Online consultations with leading Experts.
  • Wellness Programs designed by leading Diabetes Experts.
  • SEED Wellness Series


  • Supporting pharmacies in managing their customers with diabetes.
  • 200+ Registered Pharmacies.
  • SMAART Supplier Programs.
  • Diabetes Clinical Interventions. 
  • Diabetes Support Services.

Educational Products

  • Supporting healthcare professionals with access to accredited diabetes education.
  • Enable the delivery of Australian diabetes education into India & Subcontinent.

KnowDiabetes Services

Wellness Programs

Personalised wellness programs that are developed and delivered by leading diabetes experts

Online Consultations

Audio and video consultations with qualified diabetes experts at your convenience

Corporate Solutions

Customised solutions for pharma and
medical device companies

KnowDiabetes® Online Consultations

Private on-demand consultation with diabetes experts from the comfort of
your home via secure audio/video calls with end-to-end encryption

KnowDiabetes® Wellness Programs

Personalised programs focused on your well being and helping you to look
and feel better via audio/video calls with highly qualified and specialised diabetes experts.




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Type 2
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What KnowDiabetes offer

How it works

“What an exciting time when a platform like KnowDiabetes can not only link experts in their field with people with diabetes but also does this at your fingertips! As a credentialled diabetes educator and pharmacist I am excited about KnowDiabetes, not only for people with diabetes but also for diabetes as a health condition!”

Kirrily Chambers, Pharmacist and CDE
SA, Australia

“I’m excited for how KnowDiabetes can provide easier access to diabetes care while changing how we deliver diabetes education in this modern day and age. KnowDiabetes is focused on creating a product that meets the needs of both the person living with diabetes and the healthcare professional and I look forward to seeing its impact as time goes on.”

Ashley Ng,  PhD, Diabetes advocate and Dietitian
VIC, Australia

“I had my first session today and it went extremely well. My patient was very impressed when I opened and used the white board. If your professionalism and support so far is anything to go by, you will go far with this product and any other support services you might develop.” 😊

Carolien Koreneff, CDE & Counsellor
NSW, Austalia

“I am beyond excited to be part of KnowDiabetes team specialising in GDM. There is a huge demand offering after-hours education to pregnant women within the comfort of their homes 🏡. Congratulations KnowDiabetes… winning 👏.”

Justine Darling, Clinical Nurse Specialist, CDE
NSW, Australia

“Credentialled Diabetes Educators are experts in diabetes management and KnowDiabetes is the first platform to connect people with diabetes with experienced diabetes educators across Australia. We can now work with people at a time and place that suits them and focus on the person behind the diabetes … that’s why it works! ”

Jayne Lehman, Registered Nurse, CDE
SA, Australia

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