What is SEED?

SEED is about bringing wellness to people with diabetes. It’s a series of live talks by leading Australian Diabetes Experts. Each expert has worked with hundreds and thousands of people with diabetes to help them achieve their best.

Diabetes Wellness comes from knowing more about your diabetes. It can give you the added confidence to make everyday decisions about your health. If you have a loved one with diabetes, it will help you support them better

If diabetes knowledge was a pill, it would be the most prescribed drug in the world!


Just like a SEED, our wellness series can help you make a new start towards good health and happiness. And like all good things in life, the sessions are FREE.

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Better Self


Meet Our Experts

Ann has been a practicing Diabetes Educator for the past 45 years and helped thousands of people discover a better life with diabetes.

Over this period, Ann has helped dispel many myths to make people successful in self-managing their diabetes and opening the door to wellness

Ann believes that the smallest piece of information could make a lifetime of difference to someone with diabetes.

Jayne is a well established Credentialled Diabetes Educator, expert in diabetes care, support and education with 35 years of experience.

Jayne is multi-skilled having designed and delivered innovative and effective diabetes care services, online services, education resources and strategies to improve diabetes management across Australia.

Jayne says everyone’s diabetes is different, get to know yours and learn to self manage your diabetes.

Justine has 30+ years’ experience working in the public and private health sectors. At present, she is the Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist at The Royal Hospital for women in Sydney where she is responsible for providing clinical management, psychological support and education to a wide range of people with diabetes.

Her passion and specialty is Diabetes in pregnancy and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) where she frequently attends national and international conferences in these areas.

Justine is passionate about working with women and helping them achieve their healthy best